We had many difficult conversations before my fiance, Ben, proposed. We discussed where we could find my dream ring without compromising our morals. Were we able to find a brand that honestly shared our values? Which brand sourced its diamonds ethically and valued inclusivity? It was not easy. We did not choose a single diamond.

I wish we had known about Great Heights earlier! Their lab-grown, environmentally friendly diamonds look precisely like mined diamonds.

They also believe each couple should have a beautiful and guilt-free piece of jewelry. Soccer stars Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris, and others have had Great Heights create custom wedding bands for their special day.

Why would you choose a diamond created in a laboratory for your partner? We will count the ways…

Peace of mind when you source ethically

Even brands that claim they operate ethically have no idea where a diamond was mined. Even though “blood diamonds,” from exploitative areas, are less common now than in the past, it is still difficult to know their origin. You can be sure that the lab-grown diamond you wear will never have been involved in violence or oppression.

The environment will reward you

Your eco-conscious partner will admire you for making the best choice possible: A Great Heights diamond. Mining natural diamonds has a significant impact on the planet. It uses tons of fossil fuel and energy, emits an incredible amount of greenhouse gases, and disrupts biodiversity. The lab-grown method uses less energy and resources and does not harm the earth.

The air emissions produced by one carat of mined diamonds are 1.5 billion times greater than those created by lab-created diamonds with the same weight. WOAH. We must not forget the waste: “A mined stone produces upwards of 5,798 lbs of mineral waste for every carat, while a lab-created diamond only produces one pound.”

Diamonds are mined to the same high standards

You may think, “That sounds too good to be true. They must be of second-rate quality.” We can assure you that Great Height diamonds are of the highest quality. The labs that certify the natural diamonds also evaluate and grade Great Height’s laboratory-grown diamonds.

Easy on the pocket

Savers, listen up! Lab-grown diamonds are 30% cheaper than mined ones on average. Why? By eliminating the mining process, your diamond will pass through fewer people — resulting in a shorter supply chain.

Don’t confuse the discount with cheap quality. Great Heights’ lab-created diamonds are identical at a molecular scale and go through the exact cutting, polishing, and inspection process as natural diamonds. You can also get more rock for less money!

Okay, so you’re sold? Are you ready for a romantic, guilt-free engagement ring? Go ahead and admire Great Heights’ stunning engagement ring selections. You can create your custom ring using their “build-a-ring” tool or browse their vast selection of signature styles.

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