Do you love it when the natural beauty of a wedding location speaks for itself? What about a cliffside view, a red barn, or, in this case, a grand Italian stairway?

When it comes to beautiful event spaces, sometimes less is more. We applaud this Italian couple’s great execution of their enchanted Italian garden look. The woodland scene captured by Serena Genovese Photography has a magical feel with the light streaming down the fairytale stairway and the greenery all around.

The reception that followed was just as lovely: an al fresco dinner at a long farmhouse table (my personal favorite for a small intimate gathering) and dancing in the moonlight under cafe lights.

Our Love Story

In the summer of 2007, we met in Venice. We spent the first moments with friends, rock music and art. After a few months, our best friends began dating each other.

Ilaria decided to fulfill Andrea’s big dream for his 30th birthday: seeing the northern lights. In November, we flew to the far north of Sweden.

The aurora was at its most spectacular on the magical night of the 24th of November, amidst snowy landscapes and fairy tales. Andrea knelt down at that exact moment to ask her fateful question. We promised the universe, in a series of smiles, tears and incredulity that we would be there for each other.

Dress & Attire

Ilaria was looking for a wedding dress that had fluid lines, but wasn’t classic. Andrea wanted a suit in dark tones with rough fabrics. We wanted to wear clothes that would represent us on our wedding day. The final product was fantastic!

The Venue & Planning

We wanted to celebrate our love in the presence of nature’s majesty. The marriage of wood, raw fabrics, and candles in natural colors, with wildflowers that are simple, but spontaneous. We decided on a small ceremony in an old park, located at the center of Colli Euganei. Frassanelle was the ancient residence of the Counts Papafava dei Carraresi.

Favorite moments

Of course, the ceremony! The ceremony is held at the foot of a beautiful trachyte stairway.

The moments we share with our closest friends, like the candlelight dinners with the moon as a backdrop, or the dancing at the concert after the meal. These are moments that will stay with us forever.


Our honeymoon was split into two parts, the Maldives and Chile.

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