Are you ready for some impressive DIYs?

Janey and Eric married under the same tree where they got engaged. Their backyard wedding was filled with personal touches, creative details, and one of the most incredible DIY altars ever.

Many of us DIY brides and grooms know that it takes family & friends to help with so many handmade, personal wedding details & decor. Janey and Eric were spoilt with the help of an incredible team!

The cake, the flowers, and the impressive wooden altar (made by the groom) towered above the ceremony aisle. Their wedding day was full of creations from their closest & dearest.

Our Love Story

We have been friends forever!

We were engaged under the same tree that we were married. Eric and I inherited his family’s property, which included a house and barn as well as a beautiful 10-acre field with that tree at the back corner.

I didn’t think anything of his tireless work in the fields in the weeks leading up to our engagement. On August 24, he took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner, and before he left, he asked me to come see the “progress” he was making in the fields.

He had decorated the entire tree, including the perfect spot he had created. He presented me with a beautiful family diamond.

The Ceremony

I thought the arbor and tree my dad made would speak for themselves, and I didn’t think it needed too much dress-up. I wanted it to be fun and bright while balancing Eric and my personality. I wanted a mix of country and glam.

Dress & Attire

My bridesmaids chose their dresses. I only asked that they stick to blush colors. They did a fantastic job! I wanted them to feel beautiful and comfortable in their dresses. It turned out perfectly. Men’s Warehouse made the Wests for the groom and groomsmen.

Important Details

Photography is important! Spend money on your photos! It’s nice to look back and remember your hard work!

Favorite moments

We both had a very emotional moment sitting at the head table. We looked around and felt so grateful to have our friends and family with us. It was amazing to feel the love that filled the tent. All your hard work will pay off.

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