Hi guys, Claire here! Today is my wedding day! This is the last of my Real Bride Diary posts.

I’ve enjoyed writing these posts, as it’s allowed me to reflect on the wedding decisions that we made, let out some frustrations and fears, and indulge in telling you about all the details we have been planning.

Today’s post, which I had prepared a few weeks in advance, was meant to be a kind of letter to myself on my wedding day.

However, I really have no advice. Please take a deep breath, enjoy every moment, and I’m sure you look gorgeous, no matter how much time you spend worrying about your hair, make-up, or dress.

As that letter would be a short one, I thought it best to share some thoughts or last-minute musings about something I have come to realize over the past few months.

I knew that weddings are beautiful and romantic but also fun. They have a special power that even the most cynical people get excited about. It can make someone travel around the world to witness you saying, ‘I do.’ And it gives you something to look towards in otherwise difficult times.

Many people criticize weddings for being nothing more than a way to make money. It is a concept that couples are sold on, but it is nothing more than a cost for themselves, their parents, and their guests. Stress and drama are also a result.

While it is true that the wedding day can be expensive and extravagant, it is so much more.

I am sitting in my childhood room, surrounded by the DIY projects my father has helped me and my sister put together. He’s been working with us for the past few months. They’ve come all the way to Greece during the busiest time of the year for their jobs and are now in my sister’s room with her husband, baby, and other family members. All my aunts are throwing a party in my honor.

What a cool idea!

In a few short days, I will have the pleasure of sharing a meal with almost everyone that I love, including my friends and relatives.

This is a mind-blowing experience.

Of course, I’m excited about getting married and being married. Marko and I don’t expect our relationship to transform overnight. This is about celebrating and legitimizing our relationship and becoming the family we already feel like.

Our wedding was more about celebrating the things we love and spending time with those who are important to us. It’s all about throwing an epic party and making sure everyone has a memorable night.

I think that when you look at your life in retrospect, your most memorable moments are the ones that stand out. And how wonderful it is to have a picture of an event that was centered around love and where everyone danced and had a good time.

Since the moment we were engaged, I have been able to focus on nothing but the joy of our wedding.

Marko proposed to me a few weeks after the death of my mother. The birth of my beautiful niece was a bright spot in a dark year.

If that were all we received from our wedding, it would be worth every penny. But it won’t! All the effort and expense would be worth it. It was a gift to have a distraction and something to think about during the darker days.

While I know that my wedding without my mother by my side will not be as happy or emotional, just knowing how much she loves Marko and was delighted to hear I had found someone amazing makes me smile.

It’s rare to see people come together to celebrate something positive in the world. There are too many bad things, sad stories, and personal tragedies.

If a wedding is all it takes to stop someone from checking their newsfeed, lift them out of a heavy situation in their life for a few short hours, or make them smile just by thinking about it, then I believe weddings are well worth the hype.

Then we will go to the wedding.

I am sure that we will have great things to look forward to, not only on the big day but also in the months and the years ahead. For now, however, I am just enjoying the excitement, peace, and calm of the build-up. That’s enough for me.

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