Hi guys, Claire here!

I am the BM Editor, but I have also been the Blog’s resident bride for about a year. I shared the entire lead-up to my wedding to Marko.

I’ve talked about everything, from my shopping for dresses to our decorating plans to the time when we were ready to throw it all out.

Finally! It’s wedding week. I feel relaxed, happy, and excited.

But I also have a lot of work to do!

I’m wearing an adorable blue dress with a retro short veil for our civil ceremony on Tuesday. Wednesday, I will meet with the florists. Thursday, it’s all about the tan and nails, as well as setting up the venue. And finally, Friday is the day I kiss the groom.

While I take time to prepare, I thought I would leave you with an overview of my previous planning posts.

Keep an eye out for my Friday post, where I will share all of my last-minute thoughts (I won’t lie; this might be emotional).

Here are some practical and not-so-practical posts about how we put our wedding together.

The Proposal

This post is about how Marko proposed. Sometimes, I find myself staring down at my ring when I should be typing blog posts.

Search for Venues

Here is a summary of the search for the perfect venue in two countries! Along with some useful tips I learned along the way.

I swear, we weren’t at all picky!

The Time We Nearly Called it Off.

This is a part rant/part advice about what to do if the wedding planning gets too much.

We’ve thankfully moved on from that little meltdown.

Wedding Dress

Spoiler alert! I bought the very first dress I tried on. And I still love it!

Check out my top tips to find ‘The One.’


Food, glorious food. This post is all about how we planned our menu and our tips to help you plan yours.

Ice cream and Pizza are always a hit!

Traditions and their absence

Wedding traditions are awesome if you feel they’re right for you.

In this post, I explain why there won’t be a wedding party, bouquet toss, or first dance. Instead, my name will change.

The Photographer

It’s hard to choose a photographer for your wedding. So, so hard. It’s especially difficult when there are so few talented people to choose from.

It was how we narrowed it down to find the perfect photographers for us.

Money Conversation

Talking about money at weddings is uncomfortable, and you may feel awkward if you have to limit your spending.

This is my blog post about how we spent and saved money in preparation for our wedding.

The Decor

This was my favorite post of the year.

This guide will cover everything related, from our wedding ceremony to our signage to our table arrangements to our DIY projects. I hope you find it inspiring! ).

The You’ve-Simply-Got-To-Download-It Playlist

This is another fun post. I talked about our plans for music during our wedding. I also put together (just because I was nice) a list with dancefloor essentials that will help you get started creating your wedding playlist.

These songs will get you excited for your wedding!


I don’t normally pamper myself, but I have been enjoying facials and manicures in preparation for our wedding.

Here is a round-up of all my plans for hair, makeup, and accessories.

The Ceremony

In this post, I talk about the music, readings, and our awesome officiant, Dan.

I hope everyone weeps!

The Groom

You didn’t believe I could write a year-long series of Real Bride Diaries without mentioning the most important wedding guest!

I spoke to Marko in this post about his thoughts on planning for a wedding and how he feels ahead of the big event.

Here is my entire planning diary up to this point!

There are still many things I want to tell you about, such as my hen party, our honeymoon plans, and the advice we’ve collected during our planning of this huge event. There’s still plenty of time to do all this after the wedding.

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