Jack asked me to marry on a Greek mountaintop, and I was thrilled. Tears and laughter erupted instantly from my face. It was an exciting and beautiful moment surrounded by the salty Cycladic wind. The most beautiful engagement ring was on my finger. I didn’t notice it until about three minutes later.

What’s the point? What is it? You’re choosing the person to spend your entire life with? Jack chose the ring for me. I didn’t say what I wanted. I was happy with any size, style, or cut. I would even have loved a lab-grown diamond. I am a sentimental girl.

Clean-origin lab-created engagement rings are here: Third-generation jewelers offer a wide variety of classic and modern styles (for the bride, perhaps more particularly than me). I’m confident that your love will be delighted with one of these beautiful rings. Your partner will not only say yes to an eco-friendly engagement ring, but they’ll also be proud of you for making the choice.

What is a laboratory-grown diamond, first? We’ll consult with the experts at Clean Origin.

A lab-created stone is “grown” in a laboratory using the latest technology to replicate the natural diamond-growing process. The result is a lab-created diamond that is chemically identical, physically identical, and optically similar to those grown below the Earth’s surface.

We are looking at the same stone but with a completely different origin. Let me share three things that make lab-grown diamonds different from other stones.

Environmentally Friendly

When shopping for anything, I always choose eco-friendly options. If your girl (or guy) cares as much as I do about the condition of our planet, they would be proud to wear an eco-friendly stone.

You ask, how are they environmentally friendly? The traditional mining of diamonds significantly impacts the environment, causing scars on the Earth’s surface and disrupting the ecosystems. They also require a lot of energy to transport them from the mine to the consumer.

Lab-grown diamonds, however, are less harmful to the environment. Lab-grown diamonds are created with much less fuel, and the growers strive to reduce their costs by using as little energy as possible. Bring that story to the next family dinner!

Spend Less and Get More

Who doesn’t want more for less? Lab-grown diamonds are typically 20-30% cheaper than mined diamonds. Hello, much more significant, sparkling rocks!

Less expensive does not mean “cheap”. The only difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds is where they are from. The stones themselves are just as valuable. Where does the price reduction come from? You get more value for your money by eliminating the intermediaries, the miners, and the extended supply chain. Yes, it’s just like Warby Park, Dad!

You can rest assured that these diamonds are ethical

Recently, many people have been concerned about buying engagement rings without blood diamonds.

You can do your best to buy mined diamonds only from certified and responsible companies that appear to be regulated by reputable organizations like the Kimberley Process. But why not put those worries aside?

The Clean Origin lab-grown stones are precisely that: grown in a laboratory! You can be assured that your purchase is conflict-free.

What about Clean Origin engagement rings now that you are convinced she will say “yes”? They’re third-generation jewelers. The company has over 100 ring styles with other bands, cuts, and sizes, so you can find the perfect engagement to impress your loved one. What’s our favorite? The Golden Gate Ring is available in yellow, rose & white gold!

Clean Origin offers a variety of services to make your purchase easy. These include 24/7 email and phone support, free shipping and sizing, a 100-day refund guarantee, and a lifetime warranty.

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