Botticelli’s paintings inspire this destination wedding. It features incredible views of Venice’s art and architecture and the bride’s masterpiece – her dream wedding gown of 2020.

We will not waste any time in describing this stunning gown. The dress was imagined by Pauline, the artist and bride. It was worn on last summer’s pre-trends New York Bridal Fashion Week Fall runways, full of pouf sleeves. We’ve been looking at the voluminous sleeves with contemporary silhouettes and a modern ode to the 80s. Here is Pauline, who was ahead of the trend.

The trendsetting silhouette of her gown is not the only thing that makes us go ‘gaga!’ The Full-time artist used her palette to paint gorgeous florals along the dramatic train of this gown. This is a fantastic piece of art that brides will indeed request for their shifts in the future.

Our Love Story

Pauline: As a sculptor, I organize many parties in my studio. A friend of ours was with Olivier that night. After a few more months, we saw each other, and I felt like I was with a man who cared, loved, and would protect me. A few months later, we started dating.

Olivier is a knight-servant with a pure heart, a character from a fantasy tale. With him, anything is possible.

Olivier: I can remember the exact day that I first met Pauline. I can picture the scene in detail: Pauline in her studio with her artwork in the middle of a crowd. She was radiant, passionate, and full of smiles, guiding the group with her work. I was instantly charmed. I wanted her to notice me. Today, I’m glad she saw me.


We chose to marry in Vegas with our closest friends for our civil ceremony. We wanted to get married in a formal and romantic church, as opposed to the party-filled Las Vegas.

We wanted the wedding to be a dream and bring our guests joy. Pauline envisioned each hour as a painting of moving water.

The Venues

Santa Maria dei Miracoli was chosen as our church because the building is bathed in a magical light at midday. The simplicity of the Renaissance architecture was also appealing to us, and the symbolism of rebirth seemed appropriate for our wedding.

The contrast between our reception space, Ca’ Rezzonico, and our after-party venue, Teatrino, was striking. The forum represented us well as a pair: rooted in culture and art but open to the future and modernity. We wanted to show our love for nature on that day.

Favorite moments

We liked the ‘coronation of spouses,’ which included flower crowns. Ask your priest to incorporate the ritual, which has been lost over decades. It gave our ceremony a poetic touch and an even more rooted-to-the-traditions touch.

Mass was our favorite moment! The violinist and cellist performed excellent melodies from Mozart to Ave Maria. This helped create an elevated soul and a moment of grace.

The Ride to the Reception

Our guests were taken to the reception by boats we reserved from the church. We took a gondola through the canals to reach Palazzo Ca’ Rezzonico.

We knew we had found the right place when we saw this magnificent Palace on the Grand Canale with its beautiful ballroom decorated in frescoes. We found a venue on the other side of the canal, right next to our Palace, specifically designed for parties. It has a very modern design and is made of materials. Our guests were able to arrive at Teatrino after dinner by hopping on the boats that we rented.

Dress & Attire

I envisioned what I wanted for my dress: a fluid design with puffy sleeves that fell off my shoulders and flowers painted on my cape. (Inspired by the Botticelli painting Spring), which I painted. The 16 bouquets I created from Flora’s character in the painting took me 140 hours to complete.

I’d never painted on fabric before and was worried about staining it with paint. It was a pleasant surprise when I completed it without damaging it. Olivier was also surprised on the big night as I kept the secret until the last minute.

I knew exactly what I wanted for the shoes – the pearl fabric, the low heels, and the triangular shape. I found House Chamberlain, which makes custom-tailored footwear, and they agreed to make the pair I envisioned.

In terms of Olivier’s clothing, I knew he would wear the jacket our families have worn for generations. It was a pearl grey, but I wanted to make it reflect the unique and wonderful light that comes off the Mediterranean Sea.

The Photographer

We chose an artist instead of a photographer because only an artist can capture the spirit and soul of a wedding.

We also liked the fact that Simmon is Slovenian. Pauline is Colombian with Jewish and Polish roots. We are fond of everything “melting-pot” as many of our friends came from overseas to attend our wedding: France, of course, but we also had guests from China, Colombia and England. We wanted to celebrate our wedding with diverse people from different cultures.

Florals & Details

Our florist, Dogaressa Flowers, understood immediately our desire for organic compositions with wild fruits still attached to their branches and leaves.

We imagined together the garlands used in the church, based on Mantegna’s painting Victory of the Virgin Mary. Dinner table composition was based on paintings of still lives of fruits and flowers. The bouquet was made from olive branches as a tribute to Olivier, the groom whose name in French means “olive” tree.

Instead of using nicknames, we baptized each table with a love poem. Each table was decorated with a poem. Each table was given a romantic and meaningful touch, with a butler service guiding guests to their seats.


The party at Teatrino became unforgettable because of our DJ and saxophonist, who brought so much energy to the party and created a positive atmosphere. The musician performs over the DJ mixes, creating a lively, playful atmosphere.

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