We wish our American brides a Happy Fourth of July! Hope you are celebrating the Fourth of July in proper summer style with beer, brats, and maybe sweet berry pie.

We thought the vibrant summer florals and the sunny wheat fields deserved their moment in the sun for this likely berry-filled holiday. The sweet raspberries are my favorite, but blackberry pie is probably not for me.

Summer inspiration extends beyond seasonal treats. We find a rustic altar that fits in perfectly with the yellow grasses of the countryside and the rustic feeling. The bridal bouquet and decor are adorned with bright, berry-colored florals, perfectly fitting the summer’s theme.

Jessica Chole

This shoot was set in the grove of oaks at the new Texas Hill Country wedding venue, Redbird Ridge. We wanted to capture all the romance and country chic that we could. We were inspired by the bolder but still ultra-romantic color combination of raspberry-red and apricot-orange. The florals were a fun and vibrant mix of colors that we love in spring and summer. We also added hints of tropical for a different look.

Amber and Ethan, our couple, were real-life engaged couples. Their wedding was only a few short weeks after the photo shoot. We joked that the shoot was a practice run for their wedding!

The bride wears a Stella York gown that has a beautiful detachable skirt. The groom’s accessories come from Men’s Wearhouse.

Audra’s From Lizzie’s Flowers

“My inspiration was to combine unique textures and flowers and create something romantic for a young couple. I used tropicals, natives, traditional plants, and flowers in a vibrant yet romantic color palette. Oranges and Reds are not often used in wedding palettes, but they look stunning together. I wanted to demonstrate that you don’t have to stick to “trend colors” for a beautiful wedding.

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