Alfresco weddings in Italy often tug at our hearts. We are drawn to the family feel, the olive groves, and the rustic stone settings.

The Tuscan wedding of today is more beautiful than you can imagine. With the wheat fields, rustic touches everywhere, and the lavish dinner, we feel like we have died and moved to Siena. Holly & Ryan’s intimate wedding occurred at The Lazy Olive, a Tuscan villa that is as charming as you imagine. The couple married below the olive grove in front of fifty guests and family, with a classic view of Siena’s rolling vineyards.

The lucky crew then went to the rows and rows of olives, where they found a charming Imperial Farm Table. (We are so in love with this setup!) The event was filled with traditional Italian food, a gelato bar, and plenty of Italian wine. The sultry and candid camera of Federica Cadicchi captured all of this blissful goodness.

Our Love Story

The story is long! We met in Thailand. Ryan was in Australia on vacation, and I was traveling from the UK. We kept in touch every day. We had long-distance relationships for six months, during which we visited each other’s home countries. Finally, I moved to Australia with my partner.

When we were in England visiting my family and friends, Ryan proposed to me six years after our first meeting. He picked the first place I took him, on a hilltop with stunning views of Surrey County (my home county), and only us.

Destination Planning

It was essential to keep it simple. We wanted a low-key, outdoor, intimate party with our closest friends and family and good food and wine! I think we succeeded.

Internet, blogs, and Instagram make planning destination weddings easy. We quickly learned which suppliers were most popular, what styles we liked, and which we did not. You can save money by doing the research yourself. Elsewhere.

The Photographer

Federica did a fantastic job, staying up until the early morning hours to ensure no moment was missed. Federica was warm and bubbly, and I felt at ease in her presence. We don’t like to pose for pictures, so Federica’s natural, journalistic photography style was perfect.


We spent an extra week at Lazy Olive with friends and family from around the globe before heading to Kuramathi Island, the Maldives. I couldn’t believe that the Google images weren’t photoshopped. But they were. It’s a place I have never seen before.

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