South Bohemia, the rolling hills of the Czech Republic countryside, is the backdrop for this romantic, woodsy wedding with lots of DIY details.

Eliska & David were looking for a venue that would not only feel natural & pleasant to their guests but surround them with nature. They chose a platform, Schwarzenberska lessons Jaronin, that featured a whimsical forest, rustic grounds, and a beautiful view for their ceremony.

The couple’s stunning location had never been the wedding site, so they took the planning and decor into their own hands. (You wouldn’t believe that they did everything themselves!) The couple decorated the venue with bouquets and ribbons in moody, deep colors. They pulled off their DIY wedding in a whimsical & romantic manner.

Our Love Story

I’m still in love with my high school sweetheart! I met David at the high school, where we both attended the same class. Both of us still remember that moment we first met.

It is a simple story, but it is beautiful and very personal. We had dinner together, which is something we do pretty often. David disappeared in the middle of dinner and returned with peonies. I didn’t think it was suspicious, because he always gave me flowers.

David asked me to marry her after dinner. We walked through the beautiful night in Prague.

Dress & Attire

My vision of my wedding gown was different. I wanted something straightforward, flowing, and elegant. When I tried on a stunning Rara Avis dress, I instantly fell in love!

David, not a fan of shopping, has asked his friend to help him in a classic Czech clothing shop. David’s friend was a great help and ensured the outfit was perfect.

I was wearing an heirloom family necklace that belonged to my great-grandmother. It had been hidden in the fireplace for many years, and no one knew. My mom restored the chain, which was in a terrible state.

The Venue & Decor

Our dream was to hold an outdoor wedding in the middle of nature. The venue was to be decorated with flowers, candles, and cushions. The choice of colors was easy because we like deep, dark shades.

Flowers are not enough! Flowers were essential to our floral arrangements and bouquets, decorated in rich autumnal colors. The florist arranged the classic bouquets and corsages. We were responsible for the floral decorations.

Favorite moments

Our emotional ceremony with our loved ones and Frida standing next to us was a memorable experience. We have overridden a few promises during our wedding. They were cute and funny.

Important Details

We both wanted to ensure our guests’ relaxed, natural, and enjoyable wedding day. This was our main criterion when planning our wedding. We also had to find the perfect venue and photographer who was a soulmate. We were lucky enough to find Karolina and an excellent platform.


David did not support my dream of a black cake for the wedding. We decided on three cakes, each with a different design and flavor.

DIY Details

The entire day of our wedding was DIY. We did all the planning, preparing, and executing of our wedding. Even the wedding graphics were designed by us.

Couples Advice

It would be best if you trusted your gut feelings. You can do a lot by yourself. You can do whatever you want with your wedding. It’s your special day.

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