Lucy Cuneo, a world-renowned wedding photographer and founder of the Wedding Lab, had her highly anticipated Mexico wedding postponed last week. We’re sure more brides will make this difficult decision in light of our ongoing battle against this global coronavirus epidemic.

You can postpone without having a new date confirmed

Although I understand that this news is a total blow to couples planning their weddings shortly, I have been encouraging my clients not to worry about the date of the postponement. Many people have spent months preparing for their big day.

You are not expected to find a solution within a week! It would be fantastic if you could set a new deadline! If not, you should take the time to consider your options. Tell your guests that a new date will be charged.

Traveling is expensive. Be realistic and consider who will be attending

Do you plan to have a destination wedding or a local one? How many guests are you expecting? When is your wedding date? You may want to postpone your wedding if you know that many of your guests won’t be able to make it or if they are putting their health at risk by traveling. You can keep the wedding as planned if it is just a small group of family and friends.

This decision will be the most important one you make about your wedding. (Aside from whether or not to marry your love). The most important thing to consider is the travel requirements and the number and age of guests. You can make a confident decision and move forward with the plan.

Consider Your Budget and Book What You Can

During this period, you may be most concerned with making money-saving choices. This non-refundable policy has caused you more pain than it should – but this situation is far beyond what was anticipated in many contracts. You and your vendors have never been in this situation, so we are addressing it case-by-case. We’re all trying to figure out how we can support each other.

Find out what dates your vendors have open. Are there any dates that are open for all the vendors? Consider a wedding on a weekday. Weekday weddings can be a great idea as they allow your guests to enjoy the venue and gathering of friends for a few extra days after the event. We’re all on uncharted ground and will do everything to make this new day as exciting and joyous as the original.

Take a deep breath and remember that you are in control

You may feel that the coronavirus has taken over our lives, but in reality, you are the one who decides the date of your wedding. This is a personal decision; there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Try live-streaming the ceremony and choosing a later reception time if you want to devise some creative ways to ensure everyone is there on your original date. This is more than just a cancellation, but a date change. If you move your celebrations months in advance, you are now WAY ahead with the timeline for wedding planning!

Some people consider the engagement period the most romantic time in a relationship. You and your partner are the two most important people to ensure you feel happy about the celebration.

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