Is anyone else enjoying sipping on coffee while perusing the fantastic photos and stylings of NYBFW? It’s been a whirlwind. This week, we’ve shared our favorites (read more about Bridal Fashion here!) We couldn’t resist including Watters Spring 2019 Collection in our “best of.” These are the true visionaries behind dreamy, imaginative, and whimsical wedding gowns.

Why do we love Watters? Their runway shows are like an intimate loft party; they maintain their playful spirit with their imaginative designs. The three labels gave us floral motifs, contrasting nude shades, clean lines, modern silhouettes, and beading and pearl details. Claire caught all the magic there, but now I get to share it with you!

Watters and Wtoo made sophisticated and beautiful statements with their lines. We saw ballgowns and sheer corsets as well as sleek, minimal styles. This classic line is still available, but we’ve seen more modern touches this season, such as cut-outs and V-necklines.

The Watters label was full of subtle contrasts, as laces were layered over nude-toned inner linings to create layers and definition. (Inspired by and paying tribute to the pristine dunes along the Oregon coast!) The Watters label had some standout pieces with a more sophisticated, sexier look.

Their Willowby line was a fan favorite and delivered some beautiful boho dresses. Willowby is known for being the more free-spirited sister of Watters and Wtoo. We saw iridescent colors and fabrics as we opened the show to the Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow.”

Watters has made us dream of a beachy place with their Claire’s wedding gown shopping. This season’s runway was fun, stylish, and fanciful (one of my favorites!). Highlights included this beautiful bell-sleeved dress and our dreams of lacey wedding dresses coming to life.

The styling is also necessary – I am saving some serious floral crown inspiration on my Pinterest board. This softly 70s-inspired attitude was complemented by pastel rainbow baby’s breath crowns, flowing ribbons on the back, and vintage-inspired hats.

These three collections were designed to appeal to the creative bride, who is unique and a bit starry-eyed. Whether minimalist, classic, or tradition-free, Watters’ imaginative gowns were one of Fashion Week’s favorites.

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