Congratulations! The details make it easy to become overwhelmed when planning is in full swing. Remember to enjoy yourself too. The big day is essential but remember the pre-wedding celebrations. It’s a chance to have a good time with your closest friends before the wedding. The traditional way is to have separate bachelorette and bachelor parties. Why not try something different and host a joint party?

A joint bachelor bachelorette is an excellent way to get your family together and celebrate with your closest friends. Couples can create a communal celebration based on their shared interests or loved ones rather than focusing solely on one individual. Let’s look at everything you need to plan a joint bachelor bachelorette that will be talked about for years.

What is a Joint Bachelor Bachelorette Party?

A joint bachelor party and bachelorette is a celebration before a wedding. The couple, their wedding parties, and other guests all come together. This is a fun way to party and celebrate with everyone before the wedding. Instead of having separate parties, you can all enjoy the occasion in a fun and inclusive environment. This is an excellent option if your partner and their friends get along well or everyone wants to get to know one another better.

Why should you consider a joint bachelorette party?

Although individual bachelor and bachelorette celebrations can be fun, there are several advantages to combining the two parties. Couples choose to have a combined bachelor and bachelorette party for many reasons.

You and your partner can spend more time together.

You can continue to build your relationship by celebrating together in the run-up to the wedding. You can still enjoy the excitement of pre-wedding celebrations while remaining connected with your partner. You can create a memorable and fun event together rather than saying goodbye to separate parties.

This brings the wedding party closer together.

A joint celebration is a great way to meet your partner’s friends if you don’t have any. It also allows the wedding parties to make new connections. Everyone can enjoy the celebrations together, and no one will feel left out. Your guests will feel as if they have been friends for life when your wedding day comes.

You can choose a more cost-effective option.

It’s a great way to save on your wedding and your partner’s wedding. Saving money by combining activities such as hotel bookings and transportation with group rates can benefit everyone. It’s okay to plan your wedding around group rates. However, it is good to consider if you’re looking to save money on other expenses and the honeymoon.

Who should be in charge of the planning?

The best man plans the bachelor party, while the maid of honor or matron designs the bachelorette event. In a joint situation, the best man and maid-of-honor can plan the party together, the couple can be in charge, or someone from the group can organize trips. Hiring a party planner to help with the planning can be beneficial. The tasks are multiplied when there is a larger group.

Tips For Hosting A Joint Bachelor Bachelorette Party

Create the Guest List

You’ll want to include close family and friends in the list of guests. The more guests you include on the Guest List, the harder it is to book accommodations and activities. The big party should be reserved for the reception. Keep the joint party intimate.

Select Your Location and Date

Destination and date are essential factors to consider. Select a location that offers something to everyone and a date for maximum attendance and affordability. Take into account the budget and the interests of your group. Also, consider the peak travel season, local festivals and events, and the weather. You can create a memorable experience by considering these factors.

Booking Your Accommodations and Transportation

Choosing accommodations that will allow everyone in your group to be comfortable is essential. Renting a large holiday home or booking multiple hotel rooms close to each other can make it easier to spend time with everyone.

Choose a destination that has a significant airport for transportation. This will make accommodating attendees from other parts of the nation easier. Consider a transportation service, such as a party bus or limousine, to transport everyone from the airport and the planned activities.

Plan Your Itinerary

Remember that only some activities need to be done in a group. You can split groups to cater to different interests. You could plan a day of spa and golf on the same day. After you finish, you can all get together for dinner or a different activity. Keep the schedule flexible to allow time for rest and recovery if necessary.

The Joint Bachelor Bachelorette Parties

Backyard Dinner Party

A backyard dinner is a beautiful way to bring people together in a relaxed environment. If there is a pool, you get bonus points. Hire a personal cook or prepare your food. You can also assign courses to different small groups so that everyone has a chance to contribute. Everyone will feel included and have the opportunity to contribute. It is also possible to have a more casual backyard BBQ, where you can play yard games and grill together.

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

Beach days are another great option for a celebration. Bring beach games, towels, and sunscreen to keep everyone entertained. Rent chairs and umbrellas, or bring your own. Bring a cooler full of snacks and drinks to keep everyone going throughout the day. Rent paddle boards, jet skis or organize beach games such as frisbee and volleyball. A bonfire at the beach will make for an unforgettable evening.

Party Bus Or Boat Tour

A party bus or shuttle is an excellent way to bring everyone together for a memorable day. Transportation can be the main event or just a means to reach a brewery, go tubing, or bar hop. What’s the best part? The best part? You don’t need to worry about designated drivers! You can also rent a party boat for an aquatic experience. If you are hiring the same company, this is an opportunity to test out your wedding transport.

Host a Tasting

Some tastings also offer mixology sessions, and an excellent way to finalize your Mixology sessions is also provided at tastings, which is a great way to create your signature drink. This experience can create a list of glasses for your wedding reception or help you brainstorm ideas for the drink selection on the day. The non-drinkers will enjoy oysters, ice cream, cheese, and coffee tastings. Look for places in your area or on vacation that will offer you and your group a variety of tastings.

Separate activities and meet up later

Consider hosting a weekend-long celebration that balances both separate and shared activities. Both groups can enjoy their adventures for most of the trip and then join together for a large party at the end. The group can have separate nights and then meet the following day for brunch to share their stories. Many options will work for everyone.

Are you ready to elevate your party planning skills? Browse our bachelorbachelorette, and unconventional party ideas to set your celebration apart. We have everything you need to make your party an absolute hit, from party necessities to attire tips. You can customize these to suit your style and preferences.

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