I’m someone who recently attended a slightly alternative wedding. I wish this article had been available a year earlier. It’s great that I can share this wisdom with you today.

You’ll get a lot of questions if you decide to do something “different” at your wedding. Why don’t you have a first dance? But you must have a wedding cake. You can’t simply not have bridesmaids. All these things have been said to me in recent months.

Laura Holden is the Creative Director of Holden Bespoke, a creative and modern wedding planning company based in London, which works across the UK and beyond! On hand. She gives us some great advice about how to stay steadfast in your quest to create a unique day that is not only quintessentially “you” but also a bit unusual or quirky.

You have the perfect ring on your finger, and your Pinterest board has a wealth of inspiration.

Perhaps you’re looking for a rustic, organic affair in the country or an informal, intimate London pub wedding. You may also be interested in a colorful warehouse wedding with lots of details or a contemporary gallery wedding with clean lines and fashion-forward bridesmaids.

You want your day to be filled with personality.

You might soon find yourself in conflict with parents who insist on a specific look for your bridesmaids (it is long, floaty, and not at all like the Olivia Palermo-inspired two-piece outfit that you envisioned) or trembling when people ask about your “colour palette.”

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing your wedding to other couples just because their ideas are more mainstream.

My dear modern bride, with so many things on your plate, it’s easy for you to feel overwhelmed. But fear not; these are my top five tips for blazing a trail down a path paved with tradition.

Focus on the feelings, not the palette.

When thinking of ideas, it is helpful to start by thinking about the feelings you would like people to have.

Would you like your guests to feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable? Or would you prefer that they have a new, exciting, and fun experience?

Imagine the perfect party that you would like to attend and scale it up so it feels good for you.

You don’t need to stick to just two colors if you want. There are many ways to combine your inspiration and colors that you like to create a seamless blend.

Shouldn’t be a part of it

It is easy to imagine what a wedding day should be like. Traditions seem to be built into the design of the event.

Take a step back.

There are many options if being given away to you by your parents doesn’t feel right. What about having your best friend walk hand-in-hand with you and your partner or taking the room solo? You could stand together in front of your guests when they arrive, or if you both ride bikes, you can both pedal down the aisle.

You can pick and choose what you want to do.

Find the Suppliers You Love

Finding suppliers that are right for your wedding is essential.

You will find that each of the wedding planners you are considering will have a different style. If you spend some time looking for those who will share your vision and your style but also encourage you to develop that vision, you will soon discover a team on your side that is invested in your wedding.

You can use this to show that homemade pesto would be a better choice for an Italian-themed festival than sugared almonds.

Spend your budget where you can make the most impact

It’s a fact that weddings today are much more expensive. But the services and industry are also more exciting, and you can bring a lot of personal touches to it.

Music is likely to have a major impact on your day if you meet at a concert or attend festivals every year. Prioritize it in your budget.

After you’ve visited every craft brewery, make food and drinks the focus of your attention.

Decide on the three most important things to you both. This will have a big impact on your mood.

Relaxation is key

You may feel frustrated when you think people do not ‘get’ your point of view, but you will find people who understand.

They are aware of your personality and the choices that you make to ensure the best possible wedding.

Relax and talk about your plans.

Everyone must have a great time on your wedding day. Most likely, the things you included that they didn’t think of will be lasting memories for you because they are so personal.

Show, Don’t Tell

It can be difficult to visualize an idea when you are unable to give someone a frame of reference.

It’s a great idea. It’s always great to get practical, useful tips.

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