This styled elopement, featuring the sandstone beaches of Puglia and a color scheme derived from sea urchins washed ashore, is a photographer’s dream.

Delicate sea urchins inspired the small, talented Italian team. They used only natural materials to create their decor and florals. This shows how you can achieve incredible beauty “in the moment.” We may have discovered our favorite Fall color palette with sand tones and champagne and Italian plum embellishments.

A scene of organic foraged items deserves custom fashion. The photographer Luce and Lace and a local designer created a dreamy off-the-shoulder gown matched ever so romantically with a dramatic veil and custom headpiece. We can understand why cool kids flock to Puglia. It’s whimsical, boho and romantic.

Lace & Luce

We used dried sea urchins that we found on the shore as inspiration for our shoot. Not only did we use them to create our color palette but also our place settings. The florals were made from foraged seashore materials and seasonal local spring blooms. The dress was made by the photographer and a local designer using only Italian lace for the shoot. A custom headpiece was also created to match the colors and landscapes of the Italian coastline. Pablo Neruda’s poetry, particularly this poem, was a great inspiration.

Look for hidden things in the world.

On the blue shores of Silence

Where the storm has passed

Ramping like a train

The faint signs remain.

Coins of Time and Water

Celestial ash

The irreplaceable rapture

Shared labor

Sand and solitude

Instead of planning, we let our exploration of the coast at the time lead us to our inspiration.

The Flowers

The flowers are created on the spot, using foraged seaside items and local, seasonal blooms in this beautiful region of Italy. This started a photo shoot that was unique to the area.

The Attire

The dress was created by a photographer and dress designer from Italy’s Amalfi coast with an elopement at the seaside in mind. They made an amazing, unique dress using only Italian lace, ideal for an organic, natural wedding.

Ornaigh also created a custom-made hairpiece that was handcrafted, hand-painted, and matched the delicate colors of our sea urchin color palette.

The Decor

All elements were romantic and organic. Italian Boutique Weddings designed a table for two with rustic silk ribbons and antique cutlery found in a local Puglia marketplace.

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