Wedding Planning is a thing that can dominate your life, whether you like it or not. It can affect everything from dinners to lunches, girl’s nights out, and even the daily routine.

It can be challenging to manage your time and that of your partner, work, and social life during the week. Throwing in a large (or intimate) event will only complicate things. The weeknights are incredibly exhausting when you have just finished a long workday and need to begin your second full-time career: wedding planning.

There are many ways to tackle wedding tasks on weeknights without sacrificing quality time with your family, missing dinners, or going ultimately bonkers. Be Inspired PR asked their team of wedding planners and experts to share the best tips on how to stay sane on weeknights & get wedding sh*t done.

You can set tasks that require little thinking

We used the weekends for planning and meeting with vendors. We then set low-level work to be done during the week. The key is to set low-level tasks that don’t require much thought. It’s important to remember that you’re tired when you get home from work on a weekday. You don’t need to take on a significant goal requiring much energy.

Selecting fun tasks that don’t feel like work

Make it fun, easy, and bite-sized. I was interested in selecting my wine and liquor. I decided to spend a weeknight looking for what I wanted. This activity was fun for me and did not require much energy. We left that for the weekend. We went it for the weekend.” Richard Lim, Bloominous

Focus on Styling

Do not put off what you can today. Relax and create the perfect look for both your groom and his groomsman. You can do everything, from choosing color swatches and ordering to trying on your picks! Matt Ramirez, Senior Vice President of Marketing at GenTux

Virtual tours of wedding venues

We know that touring multiple venues can be difficult and time-consuming, mainly if they are located in remote or distant locations. Virtual tours are a great way to see media! Many venues have multiple 3D tour platforms, including AllSeated and Google Virtual Tours, to allow a ‘walking’ experience of the forum. – Joel Lippman, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hutton Brickyards

Enjoy Wedding Food Inspiration While Cooking Your Weeknight Meal

It doesn’t harm to ask the caterer if they can arrange a weekend or after-hours tasting! After-hours cake and food tastings are a great way to get a tasty dinner & dessert on a night out! “Great way to enjoy a delicious dinner & dessert while out on a date!” – Sarah Kuhlberg Colette’s Catering & Events

Organize Your Daily (or Weekly Tasks) to Minimize Their Number

“Get super organized. You’ll need to create an organization system that will help you keep track of your wedding tasks and collateral. You could use Google Drive, Evernote, or Pinterest to organize your wedding-related tasks and collateral. Share some of the functions with your partner, or hire a wedding planner. Share the work and do as much preparation as possible early so you don’t get overwhelmed. – Jenna Miller Here comes the guide

You can shop from the comfort of your home.

The digital age allows you to order almost anything with the click of a mouse! You probably already have several dresses saved on your online boards and know what you want. You’ve always wanted to buy that Berta dress you saw on a celebrity, but it seemed out of reach. It’s time to go shopping! You can order your dream wedding dress on your weeknights by browsing online marketplaces for wedding dresses. – Bruno Szajer, Co-founder of

Wedding Websites: Work on Yours

Rome wasn’t constructed in a single day, nor should your wedding website! Plan to spend each day of the week building different aspects of your website.” – Steve Robertson, CEO,

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Be Inspired PR, a PR + Social Media Agency that works with wedding, wellness, and lifestyle clients, has compiled these tips. We’re ready to help our clients reach the next level with over 10+ years of experience! You can find a lot of inspiration for your wedding on their Pinterest and Instagram.

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