Three cheers for Brooklyn’s hippest and raddest couple!

This country western wedding is a perfect example of the unique style of Brooklyn.

A vintage style, knee-length dress (found on Asos with sartorial flair)! The couple is beyond stylish. They have a cowboy’s hat, blue heels with a bolo, wildflower bouquets, “pimpin’ Ain’t Easy” socks and a bolo. The couple are fantastic and have their style. We love it.

The couple initially intended to have a larger wedding at a destination venue. But life intervened, so they gracefully rolled the dice and planned this “totally Brooklyn,” wild, intimate wedding. You will enjoy the candid, vibrant, and Common Dove photos!

Our Love Story

We became friends after meeting on spring break during our first year of college. We met six years ago when we moved from the East Coast to California. We realized how much we loved and adored each other; the rest was history.

He was determined to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge one cold, windy day. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge with a story of him walking to his friends. He stopped before we reached the middle to enjoy the view. He then began to tell me how he had been sneaking behind my back and telling lies about what he did while I was on business. It was great…right? I thought he had cheated. He then whipped out the ring. He had been searching around NYC for the perfect ring. The crew was an antique emerald from the 1920s. I couldn’t be happier. It was perfect.

Dress & Attire

I wanted a wedding dress that was festive and different. I didn’t want to wear a white wedding gown, nor was I set on a traditional one. When I saw the dress at ASOS online, I was in love.

The groom was only concerned about his outback hat. I let him pick out his blue pants and shirt. After a few glasses, I had the idea for a bolo tie.

My mother had earrings made with stones by seven generations of women from my family. We didn’t take any photos of them, even though they were stunning. It made them more meaningful and intimate.

The Planning

Our initial vision was a wedding for 30 of our closest family and friends. We found the ideal destination. We found the perfect location. We found the perfect celebrant. The excellent bridal party was assembled. The universe had other plans for us. We learned that we would be moving back to California. The world changed. Our wedding date was moved up seven months, and we decided to have it with our immediate families.

As we had no expectations, making our choices was fun. While sipping on beers, we explored our options at our computers. Joe was lovely to let me make the majority of decisions. However, he was surprised when his ideas came. The entire process was enjoyable.

Favorite moments

Jess Common Dove from Common Dove Photography took us around the city. We got some fantastic moments by being flexible and flexible with the day.

Couples Advice

Enjoy yourself. At first, drink lightly. Take a few moments to absorb the experience.

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