What a journey, 2020 brides! It’s never too early to start a bridal beauty routine for glowing skin and healthy hair, whether the global pandemic is forcing you to elope with your love or delay until next year. What better time than to start when you are stuck at home?

We miss the salons and spas but are grateful for home wellness and beauty products like His. This is a one-stop shop for personal wellbeing.

Hers is a monthly or quarterly subscription service that offers prescription products for hair loss, sexual health, and skincare. Hers provides a monthly or quarterly subscription for prescription skincare, hair loss, and sexual health products. The kits and prescriptions cannot be bought a la carte, but customers can pause orders anytime. The prescription determines the frequency of delivery.

Her eight beauty and health tips will make you glow when you finally say, “I Do!”

Plan out your beauty timeline

You can create an easy beauty schedule at home if you have swapped your 2020 wedding date for next year. Here are some suggestions:

Five to six months before: Begin at-home hair care and skin regimens. Multivitamins are recommended. Once a week, exfoliate. Reduce your intake of caffeine, junk foods, and alcohol.

Three to four months before: Begin shaping your eyebrows with a DIY dye. A teeth whitening kit can be used at home. Regularly give yourself a manicure and pedicure.

1 to 2 months before. Prepare a homemade scrub. Plan your self-tan and test it. Purchase any beauty products you will need to prepare for your big day.

Trim hair and touch up. Avoid excessive alcohol and salt. Drink plenty of water. Wax. Deep condition your hair. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

One day before: Get a last manicure and pedicure. Continue to drink lots of water. Sleep well.

Hair in shape

Many of us have experienced some dark days with our hair due to quarantine. Her complete hair kit will help you eliminate the damage caused by destructive DIY projects and boost your wedding day hair. This four-part treatment will help to strengthen and regrow your hair while reducing shedding. You can get $10 off your kit by using the code hershair10.

Drink more water

Drinking water is the best thing for your skin. It’s also cheap. For myself, it’s hard to drink enough water each day. But apps like Daily Water and motivational bottles help me stay on track. Aim to drink half of your body weight (in ounces) to maximize your benefits.

Skin removal

Don’t worry if your acne is a mess after all the quarantine snacks. Hers offers tailored acne care powered by doctors and a 90-day refund guarantee. Get a free consultation with a doctor today by visiting forhers.com.

Get Moving

Maintaining a home exercise routine in the age of fitness apps, YouTube, and other online resources is easier than ever. Yoga, Pilates, and barre are all fun ways to tone without much equipment. Don’t underestimate the benefits of walking and running around your neighborhood.

Clean eating

You can still enjoy a celebratory drink (you are getting married, after all!) Avoid sugar, salt, and processed food as much as possible. To reduce bloating and maintain glowing skin, replace them with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of water.

Anti-aging regimens can help you to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

You may disagree, but I believe I have aged about a decade in the last ten years since 2020 started. I’ve never needed an antiaging regimen morantiaging! Hers offers customized skincare for your skin and free consultations with anti-aging doctors.

Santiaginglf-care days

The most important thing you can do to improve your appearance (inside and outside) is to take time for yourself. Take time to care for yourself. You should schedule regular margins into your week for self-care, whatever that may look like. Find activities that make you happy! Stress can cause skin damage.

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